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5 Simple Tips to Manage Your Appetite

For those of you who have attempted dieting before, I think we're on the same page when I say appetite is your arch enemy while trying to lose those unwanted pounds. You find yourself thinking about food 24/7 and constantly feeling like you’re starving. This makes it incredibly...

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The Flexible Meal Plan

In the past it has been common for trainers to prescribe strict meal plans that are difficult to stick to and generally only offer short term success. Strict meal plans are short sited approach's and nearly always fail long term. In an earlier article, I touch more on flexible dieting but today I give you what you need to be able to...

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The Flexible Dieter

The problem with health and fitness today, is how we look at things, food, diets, exercises etc. We look at them as black or white, good or back …. “only eat these top 10 muscle building foods” … It’s a great eye catching line but what is really happening is they’re missing the big...

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