Why do I need help reaching my goals?

I will be the first to say that not everyone needs help to succeed. One of the largest factors is to streamline the process and prevent information overload. It can take years to learn what methods work for you. In this day and age the amount of knowledge that is available on fitness is overwhelming, and to top it off the industry is incredibly dynamic meaning that it is always changing, the research that we once took for fact is regularly disproven. Unless you can devote endless hours staying up to date on the latest literature it is all too easy to end up on a slow and inefficient path wasting the valuable time that you have to devote to reaching your goals. Time is the most valuable commodity, and there are bound to be many mistakes and lessons learned along the way.

 As a professional who has been in the industry nearly a decade, one of the most valuable things I can offer is the ability to save you from making the same mistakes I once made, and reap the knowledge from my lessons learned and avoid the years of trial and error that a solo fitness journey indefinitely is. So maybe the better question is “do I want to reach my goals in 5 years learning what works and what doesn’t? or do I want to work with someone who’s already been there and can put me on the quickest path?” That is just one of the many benefits to working with an online personal trainer.

What's the difference between you and all the other gym trainers and online personal trainers?

A proven Track record, nearly a decade of experience, I can both talk the talk and walk the walk while being able to apply my knowledge in a way appropriate to your goals. The industry is over saturated with trainers and more still each day, this is going to lead to a large percentage of trainers who simply haven’t had the opportunity yet to learn from their mistakes and build a track record. The sad truth is that the personal training industry is a revolving door, the most recent statistics show that 80% of trainers leave the industry all together within 2 years which makes someone with experience all the more rare. It is also all too common nowadays for trainers to enter the industry and start working as an online personal trainer before they have ever worked face to face with clients, scary right? I know countless trainers that train purely online and have never trained anyone in person. I wouldn’t be the trainer I am today had I not spent years working hands on with clients which I will continue to do.

Any trainer can have a great body, but if they haven’t learned how to convey their knowledge and apply it to clients who have different goals and circumstances than them, they’re likely not going to be very effective. Likewise a trainer can have an abundance of information and know how to apply it, but if they can’t apply it to themselves are they really a professional or going to exude much faith in their abilities? This is where I feel I can strike a happy medium, I have won championships as a professional athlete at the same time as successfully working with clients both face to face and online for years. I’ve been where you are, I’ve been where you want to go, and I’ve helped countless individuals do the same. I would never have a client do something that I haven’t done myself be it training or nutrition.

How does online personal training work?

Once you’ve chosen the online coaching option that suits you best, you will be taken to PayPal where upon completion you will be sent a welcome email to guide you through the steps for getting started. Within 48 hours you will gain access to the members area of the site and be able to begin your coaching through the Pinnacle Physique app on your smartphone or tablet. To download the app for Android search Pinnacle Physique, and for IOS search for the Trainerize Fitness App which converts to the Pinnacle Physique app after the initial log in. More can be learned about the process on the online coaching page.

Does online personal training actually work?

Absolutely. Online coaching allows me to provide you with an affordable and accessible service regardless of where you are, all while receiving the same support and accountability that my face to face clients receive. With over 500 educational video tutorials you will also have access to the same tools and knowledge that I provide in person. There will be no crash diets or get fit quick schemes, you are going to learn how to incorporate fitness and nutrition into your lifestyle to make lasting change long after our time together.

How long does it take to receive my fully customized program?

Once you have completed and emailed me the consultation form, I will have all the information I need to create your fully customized program which you will receive within 48 hours. A quality program cannot be rushed.

Can I request a change to my current program?

Yes of course, that’s a part of the service!

Why is the there no starting weight entered for exercises?

There is no way for me to know what your strength level is until you get started. Choose a weight light enough to learn the exercise at first.

Can I access all of the videos on the trial?

No, the trial only includes the getting started videos, to view everything you will need to upgrade your membership.

Will I get a training program and access to the app on the trial?

Creating a custom training program takes time, so to get a program and create your account in the app you will need to have a membership.

Will you write me a meal plan?

No, meal plans are not a solution. If I give you a list of foods to eat and you dislike them, you will be miserable and not stick to it. My goal is to provide you with the education and knowledge you need to alter your current nutrition to reach your goals. This way you will never have to ask someone for a meal plan again.

Can I pause my membership?

There is no option to pause a membership, please send me an email at Scott@pinnaclephysique.com with your situation.

Will I be charged at the end of the trial?

No, the trial does not require any payment info, it is 100% obligation free.

Do I have to use PayPal?

Currently PayPal is the method of payment as it is the most secure for both of us. Paypal does accept most sources of payment, but if you are unable to use Paypal please email me at Scott@pinnaclephysique.com

If I am unsure of how to set a reasonable goal can you help me?

Absolutely, that’s what I’m here for.

How do I take measurements?

When we get started I will teach you how to take all the necessary measurements.

Do you offer video critique and phone support?

It is not something that is included, but for some situations it can be necessary. If it’s something you feel you need please email me at Scott@pinnaclephysique.com

How often are check ins?

Your check in will be on a weekly basis through the chat feature within the app.

Where do I get started?

To start with online coaching, either begin a membership or trial from the online coaching page. Once you receive your login info, you can access everything from the “Members” navigation dropdown menu above and select your login method for a trial account or paid account.

Can online personal training be done at home?

Yes it can, and it’s actually more common than you might think. Based on your consultation I will customize your program to use the equipment that you currently have. I do recommend a basic dumbbell/barbell set and resistance bands along with some type of cardio machine, however If you do not have these items I can still build you an effective program.

Can I do online personal training as a Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetic?

Without a doubt and I would actually encourage it. I train clients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who have both informed me that that they respond significantly better to insulin and it seems to help control their blood sugar when participating in weight training and heavy compound exercises.

Do I have to take before pictures?

Yes, I highly highly recommend taking before pictures for two reasons, it’s going to show me where you are currently at and allow me to cater your training experience to the highest level that it can be, as well as provide you with another variable to measure progress. People often overlook the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to notice progress in the mirror when you see yourself everyday, I have worked with clients who struggled to notice a difference in the mirror until they saw their before pictures and they were shocked to see how far they had actually come. Progress is measured through pictures, weight, strength, measurements and endurance among other things. Pictures are simply another tool in the toolbox that we utilize. No pictures will be released publicly unless explicitly authorized by the client.

What is the refund and cancellation policy for online personal training?

Online coaching packages roll into a monthly rate specified at time of purchase once the initial number of months have been completed. To cancel your online coaching written notice must be provided at least 30 days ahead of time to suspend your account. Refunds cannot be made however you do have access to the advertised 7 day trial to make an informed decision on seeing if online coaching is right for you.

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