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  • Members Only Site

  • Mobile Training App

  • Tailored Training Program

  • Unlimited Coaching Support on a Weekly Basis with Check-Ins

  • 500+ Comprehensive HD Video Tutorials

    • Gym & Home Exercises

    • Nutrition & Supplements

    • Mobility & Posture

  • Ebooks

    • The No Bull Guide to Nutrition 100+ pages ($34.99 Value)

    • Blueprint to Pain Free Posture

  • Goal Setting for Training & Nutrition

  • Continued Training & Nutrition Guidance



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Online personal Training is affordable


Personal training online vs in a gym allows me to save on overheads like gym rent and save time by using computer software, and minimizing commute time. This allows me to provide high-quality coaching at a monthly price less than a single face to face session.

Online personal Training is accessible


Wherever you are in the world, and whatever your other commitments may be, you can access the materials and support you need. It’s your location, your schedule, and it’s managed for you.

Online Personal Trainer to keep you accountable


One of my roles as your online coach is keeping you accountable. I take this to the next level with weekly check-ins, progress photos, measurement tracking and nutrition logs.

Online personal training gives you inedependence


The great thing about online personal training is you learn to be independent and take control of your health. I help you develop the knowledge you need and learn the skills to create habits for success. You still get the help you need when you need it and I will be right beside you but my aim is to give you the power to be happy and healthy, and not be dependent on a coach.

online coaching gives you enjoyment


You can train wherever you want. While I do recommend using a gym, if you don’t like gyms that’s fine. You can train at home with whatever equipment you have, be it nothing or a fully equipped home gym. You could find a park or nice spot somewhere outside, or find a friend to workout with. One of the great benefits of online coaching and my training system is it’s flexibility.

online personal trainer gives you support


As your online coach I am on constant standby ready to provide you with the assistance you need when you need it. It is important to remember that along this fitness journey we are in this together, your wins are my wins.

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Signing Up clipboard online personal training


If you’ve decided to take the next steps to reaching your goals after completing the trial you can go ahead and choose the online coaching option that suits you best. Once completed you will be taken to PayPal where your security details are securely stored. You will be sent a welcome email to guide you through the steps for getting started, you may need to check your junk mail if you do not see the email or feel free to contact me. Soon after you will receive access to the members area and your online personal training journey begins.

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Download the Pinnacle Physique online personal training app on your smartphone or tablet.

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Complete your consultation which will provide me with all the information I need to create your fully customized program based on your needs and equipment which you will receive within 48 hours. A quality program cannot be rushed.

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With the app you’ll be able to access your workouts anytime, anywhere. I’ll monitor your workouts and progress making any necessary changes to your program along the way. You're going to receive a reminder of upcoming workouts directly from the app. On a regular basis we’re going to have check ins with progress photos, measurements and a review of your nutrition and training. Plus you’ll access to over 500 educational video tutorials where you'll be able to learn at whatever speed suits you best.

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With your consistency, focus and determination combined with my experience you will get stronger, leaner, more muscular, more confident, healthier and better educated with the tools you need to succeed long after your program is complete.

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Achieve your goals and get online personal training for the price of your daily coffee



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scott swaffield online personal trainer

Hi, I'm Scott...

A Canadian personal trainer and professional physique athlete and I'm here to help you get in the best shape of your life. 

I pride myself on providing some of my industry's best service, commitment and real results for real people just like you and me. It really doesn't matter where you are now, be that taking your first steps in your journey or a pro looking to take it to the next level, with my experience and passion, I can help get you there with online personal training.



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I have spent nearly a decade studying health and fitness across the world, allowing me to develop a very successful personal training career. I can both talk the talk and walk the walk while being able to apply my knowledge in a way appropriate to your goals. Any training can get you bigger and stronger, but it takes a more intelligent approach to training to stay pain-free. My clientele has included competitive athletes, the overweight, sports injury post-rehabilitation, post-surgery rehabilitation, office workers and weekend warriors. There will always be more than one road to reaching your goal, but I will make sure we are on the most efficient one. My experience allows me to identify what is most effective and efficient for your lifestyle, not someone else's. Most online personal training platforms pushed by celebrities don’t involve any real personal training, they give cookie cutter meal plans and training programs which rarely work because they aren't made with you in mind.


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Let Me Ask You A Few Questions

  • How much do you feel you get out of your current workouts?

  • Have you seen noticeable gains in size, strength, performance, or weight loss in the last few months?

  • Have you felt like that nagging injury is getting better, worse or not changing at all?

  • Do you get “information overload” when trying to find the optimal way to approach your training?

  • Do you feel overall better than you did 6 months or even 6 weeks ago? 



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Ryan Testimonial for online personal training


For the first time in my life (and much to my surprise and amazement) I find myself thoroughly enjoying every aspect of my weight-training and fitness routine at the gym. I’ve made incredible gains in strength, body composition, and confidence that I never dreamed possible—especially in such a short period of time. I no longer have any aches and pains (aside from the occasional stiff muscle), I have more energy throughout the day, I sleep better at night, I feel more coordinated and connected to my body than ever before, and I generally find myself in much better spirits.

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I owe a great debt of gratitude to Scott for helping me to understand the intricacies of technique, training routines, nutrition, and then some. It was an absolute pleasure to train with someone that is truly and expertly informed, patient, and inspiring. He eliminated all of the guesswork for me, separating fact from nonsense, allowing me to focus on my training, and in my first two weeks I started noticing obvious changes in strength and appearance. I used to dread going to the gym, but now I can’t wait until the next training session to see what I can achieve. Here’s to future achievement—thanks so much Scott!

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