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Ryans Online personal training testimonial

Ryan Russel - Victoria, Canada

For the first time in my life (and much to my surprise and amazement) I find myself thoroughly enjoying every aspect of my weight-training and fitness routine at the gym. I’ve made incredible gains in strength, body composition, and confidence that I never dreamed possible—especially in such a short period of time. I no longer have any aches and pains (aside from the occasional stiff muscle), I have more energy throughout the day, I sleep better at night, I feel more coordinated and connected to my body than ever before, and I generally find myself in much better spirits.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Scott for helping me to understand the intricacies of technique, training routines, nutrition, and then some. It was an absolute pleasure to train with someone that is truly and expertly informed, patient, and inspiring. He eliminated all of the guesswork for me, separating fact from nonsense, allowing me to focus on my training, and in my first two weeks I started noticing obvious changes in strength and appearance. I used to dread going to the gym, but now I can’t wait until the next training session to see what I can achieve. Here’s to future achievement—thanks so much Scott!



Mona Wadhwani - London, U.K.

As someone in their mid 40’s, it was important for me to change my ageing desk-bound sedentary life to a more healthier active life. A friend recommended Scott to me, who helped her reach her weight-loss goals. Scott gave me direction, encouragement and a practical plan with small changes to adopt that didn't require a gym or a fixed schedule. My old habits and attitudes to exercising are now gone, which makes me feel fitter, younger and mentally sharper.

I highly recommend Scott, not just for his unquestionable professional abilities, but also for his personal qualities that puts him on another level.

Mona, Business Analyst


stevens Online personal training testimonial

Steven Swaffield - Edmonton, Canada

When I first decided I wanted to make a change in my life, I was in the worst possible starting condition. It was difficult to even take the first step into the gym as an extremely overweight person with no muscle to start with. Scott not only provided guidance and motivation while in the gym, but he also helped me understand dieting and training in ways that made it easier to stay consistent and motivated even while I was struggling under the work load of a full time engineering student. With his help I lost over 80 pounds on the weigh scale despite also gaining muscle and strength, so that for the first time in my life I was comfortable with my shirt off.

After having lost the weight, Scott helped me to take the next step in my fitness journey. I was slim and wanted to focus on building muscle and gaining strength in the gym. He created a tailored program for me based on my goals for both strength and aesthetics. Scott went above and beyond any other trainer I have met, as both his passion for fitness and his desire to teach why and not just how enabled me to take my training further and make fitness my passion too. I went from struggling to practice exercises with no weight or lifting only the bar, to lifting more than I weighed at my heaviest (and I haven’t even finished school yet!). Now I always look forward to getting back in the gym and thanks to Scott I have the tools to continue to push my limits. I’m excited to see how far I can go and would love the opportunity to learn more from him. Without the knowledge, guidance, and passion that Scott provided I would not have been able to transform my body and my life.


Buds Online personal training testimonial

Bud Goswami - London, U.K.

Scott is one of the best personal trainers that I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable with regards to fitness, the effects of various exercises on the body and the implications of different kinds of training routines on end-goals.

I started training with Scott whilst attempting to recover from a variety of sports-related injuries. I found him to be empathetic to my conditions and extremely professional in his approach. He helped give me a sensible routine and guided me through the process of rehabilitation - from not being able to sleep from back-pain to starting to run for exercise, all in just 2 months. 

I would recommend Scott without hesitation to anyone, regardless of their age, fitness levels or fitness goals. Having him in your corner will definitely be the difference between steady, rewarding progress and ad-hoc, amateur results.


Mai’s Online personal training testimonial

Mai-Ling Savage - London, U.K.

When I started with Scott I hadn’t done any exercise since having my first child at 44. My son is now 4 years old, I was really starting from scratch! Scott listened to what I wanted to achieve and worked out a programme for me that has rapidly improved my cardio vascular fitness, posture and my core strength. Scott is really knowledgeable and a great teacher. Scott is also able to adapt the programme and fit with my work schedule which is unpredictable. Scott is really encouraging and very supportive and I have really enjoyed working with him. I can run for 40 minutes and have lost 10 centimeters off my middle so far! I can’t recommend Scott enough!!


Violas Online personal training testimonial

Viola Wohlgemuth - London, U.K.

I first started training with Scott when I had incurred a running injury and had to look for alternative ways to stay fit. Never having trained with weights before, I was a bit sceptical to begin with, but with Scott’s guidance I quickly took to it. 

He really took the time to listen to what I wanted from the sessions and without being too pushy, continuously motivated and stretched me to achieve my goals. I basically went from not being able to do a single push-up to easily doing 10 in a row.

What I really valued throughout the sessions though is that he takes time to make sure you execute each of the exercises correctly to get the maximum benefits while at the same time avoiding injury. I always looked forward to my sessions with Scott! Great job!


CJ's online coaching testimonial

Christopher Dunne - New York, USA

Before I started working with Scott I never knew what to do in the gym, I would always start with good intentions but either lift too much too soon or do the exercises improperly and hurt myself. I tried following workout apps for a while but they didn't solve much of my problems.

I was extremely pleased with Scott's ability to create and deliver a tailored program that fit what I needed perfectly. He taught me how to eat properly according to my goals, and changed the way I think about food. Scott was great company, he never judged and was incredibly positive and encouraging throughout our entire time training together. I have an extremely busy life with lots of travel, but travelling I was able to lose a significant amount of weight while still putting on muscle mass. I am really pleased with what we have accomplished together.

It doesn't matter what level your fitness is at, Scott is a great trainer and even better person, who will help you make huge improvements in your health as long as you are willing to put in the work. I wish I could have trained longer with Scott, but sadly I had to relocate. 


Karina's online coaching testimonial

Karina Dobrotvorskaya - London, U.K.

Before working with Scott I was always terribly bored during sessions and experienced regular back pain with my past trainers. Scott made every session interesting and got me stronger without ever experiencing any pain aside from the occasional soreness the next day. I was able to gain more motivation to start going more regularly and felt much stronger and healthier overall. Scott showed a very gentle but consistent approach, we had good conversations and helpful lifestyle advice. Scott's a really great guy passionate not only about training but about a healthy and happy lifestyle. A pleasure to work with – and great results as well. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer. 


Giles' online coaching testimonial

Giles Knight - London, U.K.

Scott is a dedicated and professional personal trainer. He has been a pleasure to work with over the past 15 months. I had never previously undertaken a weights programme and was unsure whether I could commit to it - or indeed manage to make progress without injury. Scott provided a structured programme which evolved along with my abilities. He always stressed the need for a holistic approach encompassing nutrition and lifestyle along with the regular gym programme in order to meet my goals and took the time to explain how to optimise my performance.

From the start of our time working together I saw tangible improvement to strength, flexibility and weight loss. I was also able to build my confidence to integrate more technically challenging and heavier weights into my programme. Scott’s focus on form and injury prevention has given me the confidence to continue my weight programme on my own.

I would without hesitation recommend Scott to anyone looking to start out in the gym or wishing to take their training to the next level. I have discovered that I really enjoy lifting weights and will always be grateful for Scott for giving me the confidence and skills to to that. His guidance on nutrition has also meant that I have made wider positive changes in my life and am a happier and healthy individual as a result!



Sarah Frost - London, U.K.

I came to Scott 6 months prior to my wedding to get me ready for it and he was fab. What I appreciated most was the consistency and pushing me to make progress from one week to the next. I felt the entire programme was tailored to my needs and he took every detail into consideration. Over the 6 months of working together I was able to increase my muscle mass, lose fat, and get more toned. In addition to this Scott taught me about form, injury prevention, nutrition, and how to motivate myself! Thanks Scott you have been a huge help!



Meghan Bekken - London, U.K.

I have been working with Scott for a few months now and I am incredibly impressed at his ability to teach and communicate information in a way that is easy to understand. I work as a lawyer and spend most of my days hunched over at a desk, when I came to Scott I had aches, pains and such poor posture that it even made me self conscious. Within a month of working with Scott the difference in the way I felt and looked with my posture was astounding. Although I have been physically active in the gym for most of my life I have been severely limited with what I could do for exercise in the last 5 years as I was diagnosed with Costochondritis, which causes me extreme chest pain at night often after exercising. This is something I thought I would have to live with but after a couple weeks of Scott teaching me about proper movement patterns, correct posture, exercise techniques and stretching there have been no exercises that I cannot do and I have not had a painful flare up since!

Thank you Scott for helping me regain my motivation to pursue the activities I love and greatly improving my quality of life.



Anamaria Melhado - London, U.K.

I scheduled my training with Scott through both of my children’s referrals, who also train with him. My children knew I have been dealing with knee pain and have a challenge working out my abs and loosing weight.

Scott is very methodical and guides you through the routine taking care of the adequate weight, type of excercise addressing your goal and FORM, which I finally understood is what addressed the pain on my knees when exercising. He is very knowledgeable and will give you additional help if you request it, he has a very respectful manner and doesn’t overwhelm you with information.

He also gave me specific abdominal exercises that addressed my challenge, and learned that if you are not aware of what exercises are good for your challenge you can be working out in a counterproductive way. He was always on time and kept you busy for the whole hour of training. Never felt short changed, and felt I got the value for what I paid.



Catherine Drennen - London, U.K.

I first started training with Scott when I wanted to get fit for skiing.  As a skier Scott knew exactly what was necessary and the training paid off.  I really felt that being fitter and stronger improved by skiing and helped me enjoy it all the more.

When I got back from my skiing trip I decided to continue training with Scott A) because I was really enjoying it and B) because I was really beginning to see the benefit of the strength training that we'd been doing.

Although I'd trained with a PT in the past, it was always focused on short term goals like losing a few kilos for a function.  I had always lost however many kilos I set out to lose but I'd never really felt like I'd made any progress on my strength.  I'd only ever improved my cardio fitness which is something I could have done without the expense of a PT.  However, I can honestly say that training with Scott has been a different experience to any other PT that I have had in the past - I really feel like I am getting the benefit of his knowledge, skills and experience as a PT.    

The strength training programme that Scott produced for me has changed the shape of my body.  Who knew I had muscles in the places I now have muscles!  What has also been great is that he's given me the confidence to use equipment I have never used before and would previously have been too intimidated to try.  All of this makes going to the gym so much more enjoyable.  

Scott always focuses on technique making sure you're doing the exercise well and also showing you alternatives which are great to know.  He has a really thorough knowledge of the body, so at any time if you say something hurts he can investigate and show you alternative exercises that don't put any strain on that part of the body.  His expertise is evident every time you train with him.  

Scott is also a great motivator; I've gone from two trips a week to the gym (in a good week) to regularly doing four sessions a week.  For the first time I have understood the need to train on a sustained basis and to be present when I'm training, not just to go through the motions.  I should add that at no point does he nag or bully you - he certainly isn't your archetypal army style PT.  His approach is supportive and focuses on what you need to change in your life to achieve your goals and it works! 

Scott pushes you to achieve more, to try heavier weights or do more reps - it's all done in a very positive way that reinforces how well you have already done but how much more you can achieve.  You really do feel like you're achieving something and you feel like the time you spend in the gym is worth it.

I think one of the best things about training with Scott is that he offers you the whole package - it's not just about exercising in the gym when you're with him, it is about nutrition, how much sleep you're getting, how motivated you are, what exercise you do when you're not training with him.  All of this means you feel like you're getting value our of the experience.

To anyone who is thinking of training with Scott I'd say give it a go, you'll really be surprised at what you can achieve with his help!

Nathan's online coaching testimonial

Nathan Dodson - London, U.K.

I want to express how impressed I am with Scott as my personal trainer. Having previously been with other trainers I was reluctant to switch but I found that Scott was excellent in his approach. His knowledge is second to none, particularly on how to ensure correct form.

Murray's online coaching testimonial

Murray Wilson - London, U.K.

“You have a great ability to make me feel at ease in a new environment.”


Scott Wright - London, U.K.

“Every time you explain something it’s like a revelation - I’ve never thought about that, but it makes so much sense.”